AGM Batteries Limited

AGM Batteries works with clients and partners to scale new battery cell technologies through to manufacture.

‚ÄčOur business involves the transfer of developed ‘pilot scale’ processes to our facility.

We also work with Research groups and pilot scale facilities in the earlier stages of development to aid with Design for Manufacture.

Technology Development

AGM Batteries Ltd assists clients in the development of new battery cell technology, with a particular focus on design for manufacture.

The team has extensive experience in electro-chemistry, cell technology development, scaling for manufacture and bringing new product to market.

Client confidentiality is key to AGM Batteries success and we are experienced in the Firewalling of client projects and data.

Who are AGM Batteries Limited

We are a company that manufactures advanced Lithium battery cells, develops and supplies AGM branded rechargeable Li-ion and non-rechargeable Lithium cells.

We also provide a manufacturing service for client companies, producing cells on their behalf.

We have the flexibility to manufacture a broad range of chemistries and cell types in pouch or cylindrical formats for our clients under sub-contract or as a Licensee

AGM Batteries Ltd

AGM Batteries Ltd