AGM Batteries Ltd have a highly trained workforce

AGM Batteries Ltd have a highly trained workforce who strive on helping the business grow. For the first time we have employed two Apprentices, Stephanie Leith and Connor Wilson.
We believe investing in Apprentices allows us as a company to nurture and grow our own talented employees; develop their skills with in-house specialist knowledge of the design through to manufacturing of our cell technologies.
It closes the gap in our workforce, allowing our staff members to contribute positively to the Apprentices training as they can see the investment that AGM Batteries is making in skill development.
This is what Stephanie and Connor had to say about their time spent with AGM Batteries over the summer.

Stephanie: “I have enjoyed working at AGM Batteries over the past few months. The on-the-job training furthering my knowledge and skills. I look forward to working with the fantastic team again as an engineer with AGM Batteries.”

Connor: “AGM Batteries have really helped me gain an understanding of the career I am pursuing. I have received so much support from the company, and staff during my apprenticeship and am lucky to be working with people who want to help me in achieving my future goals.”


AGM Batteries Ltd

AGM Batteries Ltd