First Dukosi-AGM Workshop for recently launched APC UK-ABSC Project

The project hopes to create some highly innovative technology during the next 36 months as well as develop a healthy and mutually beneficial UK based Lithium Battery supply chain. The consortium wants to look into different ways to generate an focussed yet enjoyable forum for discussing the technical aspects and strengthening the relationships between the partner companies. To try this out, AGM Batteries and Dukosi decided to hold a  brainstorming workshop at a neutral venue removing all the usual distractions when holding these meetings on site. The first of hopefully many such workshops was held in the Chambers of Commerce conference facilities in the Highlands capital of Inverness. The location was chosen as being roughly mid-way between AGM’s Thurso factory and Dukosi’s Edinbugh base resulting in reasonable travel for both companies, saving cost of overnight accommodation, expenses, etc. This helps justify even more workshops!

AGM and Dukosi brought various parts and examples to help explain each others’ products and technology with a suitable mat to protect the nicely polished conference table and based on the many ideas and new areas to explore, we all thought it was a valuable exercise. We hope to repeat these workshop style meetings in the near future  involving our other consortium partners Johnson Matthey Battery Systems, Cosworth and Warwick Manufacturing Group also.

The picture shows technical staff from Dukosi and AGM deep in discussion over a working lunch. Joel Sylvester, Tim Crymble, Josh Leworthy (Dukosi) and Will Owens, Greg Cameron, Colin Arnold (AGM) were present at the first workshop.

 Our thanks to the excellent hospitality shown by Inverness Chambers of Commerce and use of their facilities with the added bonus  of lunchtime entertainment supplied by an enthusiastic piper playing in the street below!

AGM Batteries Ltd

AGM Batteries Ltd