Potential to Power
Potential to Power

Manufacturing Facility

The AGM facility is flexible with volume manufacturing equipment and a well-trained delivery team.

The 4000sq metre plant is laid out to enable good process flow from incoming materials and storage through material preparation, mixing, coating, calendaring, slitting, cell preparation, cell assembly, cell formation and testing. The facility can accommodate a range of chemistries in both rechargeable (secondary) and non-rechargeable (primary) cell types.


The range of equipment we have at the facility allows us flexible process control systems which in turn allow us to handle a broad range of substances, anode and cathode materials and associated range or process variations

This, combined with the ability to switch between chemistries, volume and cell types and enables us to satisfy diverse client requirements

Coating / Calendering / Slitting

Completed Anode and Cathode mixes are then coated on to aluminium or copper foil and passed through the large heated oven which dries the coating to leave a
solid substance

At this stage in the process we have the ability to coat various lengths of foil

Our slitting machine allows us to create narrow electrode strips for wound and stacked cells


Our very large, very low dew point dry room enables the handling of moisture sensitive materials and is laid out to allow efficient production of both cylindrical and pouch cells

Coated material is transferred into the dry room and placed in the ovens to dry

Dried material is cut to form the ectrodes. These electrodes are used to build the cell

The equipment at our disposal gives us the ability to either do the build manually or by robot. As the cells are built they are transferred into pre-formed ouches which are filled with electrolyte and vacuum sealed

Formation, Conditioning and Test

Cell formation and testing is carried out in our dedicated process suites

At this stage energy is slowly released through the cell to cause the chemicals to react (Solid Electrolyte Interface)

The cells continue on through final test and inspection then into finished goods for packaging and despatch to Customer

AGM Batteries Ltd

AGM Batteries Ltd