Potential to Power
Potential to Power

What we do

AGM Batteries works with clients and partners to scale new battery cell technologies through to manufacture

Our business involves the transfer of developed 'pilot scale' processes to our facility. We also work with Research groups and pilot scale facilities in the earlier stages of development to aid with Design for Manufacture

Sub-Contract Manufacture

AGM Batteries Ltd provides a sub-contract manufacturing service to cell and electro-chemistry developers. Clients have typically invested heavily in research and development of new chemistries, but do not wish to make the large investment required to recruit and train manufacturing staff and to build and operate their own manufacturing plant. Many developers wish to remain remote from the complex, expensive manufacturing stage where the investment risks may outweigh the benefits of commissioning a cell manufacturing plant.

AGM Batteries Ltd provides a significant advantage to Companies with new cell technologies, providing client Companies with security of supply for their new product with very low financial and technical risk.


AGM Batteries Ltd works with developers during the early stages of cell electro-chemistry research to aid in decision making related to production scaling. This includes the review of viable material supply partners and assistance with the selection of production-standard processes.

Electro-chemistry Research and early stage development is a secondary part of the AGM Batteries business, but can be useful to developers to avoid over complex or non-standard processes, helping to achieve viable cost of subsequent volume production.

We are experienced in bringing together Collaborative groups to develop advanced projects and in winning support from Grant funding bodies for collaborative energy storage programmes

Product Development

AGM Batteries Limited develops both propriety and client specific cell and battery products:

  • ​High Energy Density Lithium-ion Cells (LCO, NCA, NMC) typically used in low rate, long duration applications where space envelope is limited and performance beyond commercial off-the-shelf cell technology is required
  • High Power Density Lithium-ion Cells (LFP, NMC, high power anodes) typically used in high rate applications such as HEV, PHEV, Drones
  • Advanced cells incorporating new technologies including Sodium-ion typically being applied to electric vehicle and renewable energy storage applications
  • SuperCapacitors
  • Battery Packs and Systems working with key partners incorporating advanced cells, BMS and control
  • Collaborative Projects
AGM Batteries Ltd

AGM Batteries Ltd